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Day on the Slopes

A few years back, I decided (during a slight mid-life crisis) that time was going to fast and I needed to start crossing off some of the things on my bucket list.  One of which was to learn to ski.  I have to say that it has been a long slow process, but I LOVE skiing now.  The adrenaline you get from being on top of a mountain, sliding down something that massive, on two stick-like-flat-pieces of carbon fibre and plastic that are attached at the bottom of your feet, it all seems just so glorious. The rush of the wind passed your face.  The weaving in and out of people strewn all over the mountain.  I love every bit of what skiing has to offer as a sport!   I love being at the peak of a mountain.  The air that fills my lungs is clean and crisp, the snow cold yet invigorating.  Skiing is truly a love of mine now, where the cold was once my nemesis.

Ski day w/my son @ Big Boulder, PA

Ski day w/my son @ Big Boulder, PA

Cold weather was never something I enjoyed, I was definitely a warm weather girl.  That was until I learned to ski.  I have my son to thank for that.  He insisted on learning to snowboard as a younger boy only dreams of doing.  So we did.  At first I tried snowboarding, but the brain shaking drops to the ground on my rear were just not what I had in mind.  The next trip was a completely different experience.  I didn’t quite grasp the trick to snowboarding and since I didn’t know how to ski either I thought “what the heck”!  So I took the half day ski school lesson and it’s been such an enjoyable experience since that day. 

Skiing provides family time with my son, that I would not normally get at home.  While we both love to hang out with each other it doesn’t always end up that way.  So instead of spending our weekends sitting in front of our own personal TV’s, we go skiing!  We talk more, smile more, and especially make lasting memories. 

I’m glad we learned to enjoy winter for all it has to offer.  It’s great exercise, and makes for great family time.  Plus I know that my son loves it so much, that it will be something he eventually teaches his family to love.  I find it very gratifying. 

Picture 002

So this weekend my exercise of choice was a day on the slopes!  If I had to choose everyday between the gym and the mountain ~ mother nature would win every time! 

I’m chalking it up to a leg day!  My hips, thighs and calves are definitely feeling it!

What winter activities get you and your family off the couch and outside?

I am a Beachbody Coach!!!!

I am so excited to embark on my new journey as a new Beachbody Coach.  The results that I have attained using P90X are amazing!  My body truely changed before my eyes in only 90 Days!  With my first round of P90X complete and total weight loss of 13 lbs and 11 overall inches from my 5’2″ frame the question was “why not become a coach?”.  I fell in love with P90X so much that now I want to help you achieve the same results I did.

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