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Group Fitness Challenges

Working out with a group is a great way to stay accountable. Not only will your buddies encourage you when you are at the top of your game but the will also be there to encourage you, support you and lift your spirits when you’re not feeling up to par.


I recently started my own Ladies Only Fit Club on Facebook. It has been so much fun getting to know the girls in my group. It started off as a pay it forward type of move on my part; I was a part of a challenge group during my first round of P90X. The group helped me stay accountable for my workouts and just plain out motivated me to get up and do the workout. I felt like if all the other girls were getting in their workouts, then so should I. And after a while it just became habit.

During our initial month in my challenge group, we had approximately 11 girls competing for their choice of healthy cookbooks. The requirements were to post a picture after each sweaty workout and for each picture posted on our private page, you would get one (1) point. At the end of January the chica with the most posted pics won her choice of books. It was so fun seeing everyone post their workouts and by the end of the month, most of them were extremely proud of their accomplishments and were looking forward to February’s challenge.

February’s challenge is activity points. Very loosely following the Weight Watcher’s point system for accruing points for each minute of exercise depending on the intensity of the workout. I am excited to see the different types of workouts the ladies will be coming up with as activities include everything from running to gardening. February’s challenge is going to be a starting point for next month where I am thinking about creating a team challenge.

If you are looking for a support group of ladies only, click here to like my Facebook Page and request to be added to our group. We share ups and downs, personal stories, recipes and fun tips and tricks to help keep each other motivated.

I love my group of girls! We have also decided to do a group 5K. The first one of choice is the Philadelphia Color Run!

Check out Philly Mag’s write up on last years Color Run! I can’t wait for the 2013 date!


How do you stay motivated to get your workouts done each day?

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Results

Yesterday I completed my 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse and I lost over 3 lbs! Not to shabby considering it takes me almost two weeks of eating right and exercising to lose 1 lb!

The Results:
Day 1 ~ felt slightly hungry due to not timing meals appropriatly; lost 1 lb

Day 2 ~ felt more energenic, timed my meals according to past eating patterns so I felt less hungry around meal times and had a slight headache that lasted most of the day (assuming it was from the void of coffee & caffine); lost 1 more lb

Day 3 ~ my best day yet! Caffine headache from day 2 was gone, no hunger pangs AT ALL and was energized to the core! Total weight loss 3.3 lbs!

Interested in how I did it? Click here!

Beachbody Challenge Group

Starting off the new year has been GREAT!  I opened up a group on facebook for ladies only looking for fitness/nutrition support and motivation in the new year.  My how it has taken off.  The ladies are interacting with one another in a way I could not have even imagined!  It’s wonderful to be able to bring together a group of total strangers that only have one thing in common and start interacting with them like you have known them for years.  At first the girls were a little hesitatant, but after one or two jumping right in, all the rest were soon to follow.  My goal for this year will be to try and eat clean all 365 days of 2013.  Meanwhile, keeping my group motivated to also lean towards eating clean!  I couldn’t have started the  year out on a more positive note.  I have also started my second round of P90X.  I am going to incorporate Insanity and Turbo Fire into the mix for some variation.  I will be trying to blog my results each week from round2 ( even though I wasn’t successful blogging in round 1).  I’m giving it a shot!

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