WIAW # 19 Odd numbers are weird

It’s my mothers fault I don’t really care for odd numbers.  In birthday terms she says they make you sound older!  Even numbers make you seem younger.  Huh???  Now I find myself feeling the same way…….not really digging the #19 today.  But it is what is it and it is time for another round of What I Ate Wednesday.  Woot Woot!

Jenn over at Peas & Crayons hosts a foodie link up party each and every single Wednesday.  Health and food bloggers write about what they have been eating with a theme without a theme revolved around their vacation or just EXACTLY what they ate yesterday.  I usually give you a highlight of my tastiest meals over the last several days because I enjoy beautiful pictures as well as tasty meal ideas.  So let’s get to it!


Almond  Joy Oats

 Still loving my overnight oats!  With all the flavor combinations you really can’t miss with this breakfast.  And by fixing it the night before there is ABSOLUTELY no reason in the world that you would need to skip breakfast.  Well unless of course, your out of oats!

Overnight Oat Combo:  Oats, Almond Milk, Flake Coconut, Cocoa Powder & Almonds.  It was like eating an Almond Joy for breakfast.  🙂

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you probably already know that last Tuesday I attended another Food Swap at the Greensgrow Farm in Philly.

Philly Food Swap

I’m totally drawn to the idea of food swapping and it’s become my latest addiction as far as how I spend my personal time.  So much so, that two of us are starting our own local food swapping group within the next 4 weeks.  We are in the planning stages and as soon as I secure a place I will be announcing all the details.  Fun things ahead peeps! Fun things!

Look at some of my loot!

IMG_4253 IMG_4254 IMG_4257 IMG_4263

So at last weeks food swap I scored some pretty tasty treats!  Specifically some Swiss Chard Pesto from fellow Philly Food Blogger Casey @SaltedPlates.  She participates in a local CSA and always creates her weekly eats around her CSA delivery!  Really awesome way to keep meals interesting because you never know what your gonna get in your CSA box!  Oh and Casey if your reading I think you should hold a Pizza Monday link up party!  No pressure, but I’m loving my pizza stone!!!!!  Think about it, eh?


On Sunday I did  a little food preppin’ in the kitchen and cooked over 2lbs of pasta!  Eeeek 2lbs!  Seriously, I pre-cook most of my pasta and put it in the freezer for quick meals during the week when we are short on time.  I eliminated pasta last year during P90X but still use it as quick and easy meal every once in a while if I’m short on time.  It’s so easy.  Cook like normal.  Toss with a little olive oil.  Cool and store in either bags or freezer containers.  Pasta freezes like a gem!  Give it a shot.  It’s super easy and a really kid friendly meal (especially if you have picky eaters)!


Angel Hair Pasta with Swiss Chard Pesto and Heirloom Tomatoes

Swiss Chard Pesto

Dinner was also a Sunday meal prep favorite.  I spied this recipe from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean the other day and was intrigued at how she used apples and chicken in the crock pot and ended up with really tender shredded chicken in only a few short hours.  I had all the necessary components and threw them all in the crock pot and low and behold 5 hours later.  Perfectly tender chicken breasts ready to shred.  I did omit the BBQ sauce and ended up shredding it with just the juice left in the pot.  Used half  in my enchiladas and put half in the freezer for a meal next week. I’m thinking either tacos again and maybe a topping for a pizza.


Shredded Chicken & Apple Enchiladas with Black Beans and Rice

Chicken Enchilada

This past weekend was a college visit road trip with my son out to central/western PA to visit PSU Altoona and Indiana Univ of PA campuses.  Super fun weekend and he really fell in love with the IUP campus.


It is probably where he will end up unless he has a stellar visit to PSU Erie campus in November.  He has an “official visit” with the dive team there and is hoping to continue his diving career in college.  Either way I’m hoping he stays within the PA state lines which will make visits from college so much easier!  I’ve been having some empty nesting mom moments these past few days and I’m not digging it ~ AT ALL!

At any rate, we made the road trip and during the drive stopped and had a few of these Starbucks Spiced Pumpkin Frappaccino’s with Soy Milk!  So good! It was definitely my splurge meal on the road trip.


Which enticed me to come home and clean up my act and bake this beautiful Kabocha squash.  I think I’m pretty well stocked up on squash for the next year month so lots n lots of squash recipes in the future.  I know shocker right?


IMG_4319 IMG_4326 IMG_4344 IMG_4339 IMG_4321

 Starbucks Frap, Kabocha Squash with Blueberry Ketchup, Trader Joe’s Orange Cranberry Scones, Pear Slices and my homemade dried cranberries!

So that’s about a wrap folks! What I’ve Been Eating Lately, so now tell me what your favorite meal was this past week? 

5 Responses

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  2. i love almond joys and overnight oats! i might have to try that. i’ve been to IUP- great campus!

  3. I totally feel the same way about odd numbers. I was thinking my birthday is coming up in a few months and it’s not that I don’t want to be a year older, it’s that I don’t want it to be an odd number. I don’t like the sound. I love this food swap idea, everything looks so yummy.

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