Kennett Brewfest Weekend Recap

This is absolutely my FAVORITE time of year!  If you are not familiar with the Kennett Square Brewfest it is a fundraising, beer tasting extravagaza event that all proceeds go to support Historic Kennett Square.  It is held every year in downtown Kennett Square and this year was the 16th Annual Brewfest and by far the best one yet, in my opinion. This will be my third time attending.  Last year’s brewfest was great, but this year has had to top them all with both brewers and their beer offerings and attendees!20131007-111112.jpg

The day started off with of  course our honorary wearing of the “pretzel necklaces”.  Each was dubbed with a string of delicately threaded hard sourdough pretzels and soft pretzels thrown in  for some variety.  You never know when you might need a little snack!


We made it to the gate around 11:30; it was a short wait to 12:00 and we were handed our mini 2 oz cup and made our way to the first brewery tent which housed a new brewery Kennett Brewing Company.



On tap they offered a ‘dry-hopped firkin’ of Emma Chisit Pale Ale 6%.  Perfect way to open up the day of beer tasting.  It was light with a citris crisp flavor following up with nice malty finish.



Next in the long line of fantastic brews was a Coffee Oatmeal Brown w/Cacao Nibs and Vanilla offered by Free Will Brewing Co out of Perkasie, PA!  This was one of my favorites of the day.  So glad it was from a local!  Love the locals!


Making our way down the line next up was a Coconut Fat Dog Oktoberfest from Stoudts Brewing Co our of Lancaster PA!  It was a strange combination for a beer of orange and chocolate.  Normally I love the chocolate beers, but this was not one of my favorites.



Pizza Boy Brewing on the other hand had some really cool offerings.  First I tried the Grapefruit IPA 4.6% it was tart and crisp and refreshing, especially in the hot weather we were dealing with all day.  The weather topped out at 89 degrees.  Pretty much the talk of the day was how brewers prepared for nice cool seasonal weather, not a mid-summer tasting.  The second one I tasted of the four they offered was the Raspberry Sour 3%.  This sour hit the mark!  Perfect head, very sour with a nice soft raspberry finish. 



Evil Genius offered up a classic Apple Pumpkin Porter!  Excellent as you can always expect a good offering from Evil Genius Beer Co.



Another one of my favorites from the day was an offering from Twin Lakes.  They have been at every brewfest I have attended so far, and I always love what they bring.  This year was a cask conditioned firkin of Tweeds Tavern Stout flavored with Rosemary & Honey. 



Of course it wouldb’t be a Fall Brewfest without some good hard ciders in the mix.  Woodchuck offered up a crisp apple.



McKenzie’s Hard Cider offered up four different flavors this year, Black Raspberry, Tart Apple, Pear and one other that I can’t recall and didn’t get to taste, obviously.



Shocktop was a good offering of Pumpkin Wheat 5.2%  It was a nice balance between the lemon, orange and corriander.  The other didn’t really care for it, but I think I am a lover of corriander so that’s why it was a favorite of mine.



Another one that was an odd flavoring for the fall but was really pleasant on my tongue was the Mango Ginger IPA offered up by another local favorite BoxCar Brewing Co out of West Chester, PA.   I guess they had anticipated the warmer day because it was light and refreshing and perfect for the hot day we were having.


There were so many brewers that I didn’t even get to taste everything.  Here are some of the other brewing companies that I was able to get to enjoy!


The weather made it difficult to really enjoy the full experience.  Everyone was slugging water to beat the heat of the day.  There was no air movement, a ton of people and the beating of the sun.  But we made the best of it.  The weather we have been having has nearly broken records and it has been way better weather by far than we even had in June/July.  Its nice to have some warm weather, but drinking beer and super hot stale air really doesn’t mix. 


The EMTs did a great job keeping everyone hydrated and making sure the day went by smooth.  Talulas Table did a great job serving up plate fulls of food during the Connoisseur Tasting in which we were treated to giant Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies along with Pork Sandwiches topped with coleslaw with a side of chips and a pickle.  As always Kennett Brewfest was a super success and I cannot wait for the 2nd Annual Winterfest.




5 Responses

  1. Ha! Thats too funny 🙂 Pretzel Necklaces are part of proper beer festival culture!!!!! I would feel naked without mine at beerfest!!!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t figure out what in the heck was around your neck. Pretzels, that is genius!

  3. this looks like a blast! Hopefully I can attend next year

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